Make no mistake, building a business is hard stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Take it from me and my partners who started out really small. Yes, we now have a powerful team of talented people and we are well positioned in the Romanian gaming market, but it took a lot of hard work and our journey is far from over. We are all aware that we still have a long way to go, because success is not something you just gain over night โ€“ you build, you mend, you adapt and you keep working on it.

Each and every effort we ever made over the course of 8 years since we embarked on this entrepreneurial venture was channeled into developing our businesses. In 2007, in Cluj, we had no clue about investors, incubators, mentoring programs and all that wonderful entrepreneurial jazz dedicating to helping startups grow and turn ideas into real products and services. It was truly a challenge to keep going. We learnt, the hard way, what it meant to be sailing in uncharted waters, to be confronted with difficult situations and having to find solutions for everything we never imagined could go wrong. It was trial and error (it still is) and every step made us wiser and shaped our way of thinking and approach to doing business.

Moreover, it taught us one crucially important lesson: how to become our own investors. That is why, everything we ever earned, we reinvested in our businesses. This is something we still do, religiously. Over 90% of our profit is used to develop and take Idea Studios, Transylgamia and Jellycs to new heights. This is what brought us where we are now. And mind you, we are a long way from being where we want to. But we keep on investing in our businesses. Of course, the financial value of what we are doing is a measure of success, but weโ€™re not flattering ourselves, we know we still have a ton of potential to discover and enormous room to grow.

The road to success is difficult, the road to sustainable success is even harder and it means putting a lot of effort into in. We believe our success is the fact that, despite all the adversity we have encountered (and will continue to encounter), we try day and day out to make an impact, to keep expanding our business and developing games that can reach millions of people all over the world.