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Techsylvania 2016

This year I’ll be speaking at the most interesting tech event in Romania, which by no accident is being held in the tech capital of our country, Cluj-Napoca. Getting on the list was a surprise to which I have to thank Vlad & Oana.

Remember, get your tickets ( not for me, as I’m the least interesting at the conference ) here: techsylvania.co


3 simple resolutions every entrepreneur should make (and keep) in 2016

list of resolutions on blackboard with three blank, numbered sticky notes

Welcome to yet another exciting and challenging new year! 🙂 As we all do, I’m sure you’ve already started the year with a few resolutions in mind and are eagerly planning on how to get them done. Newsflash: you probably won’t get half of them accomplished by the end of the year. Don’t worry, it’s not entirely your fault, it’s only human that we tend to set goals for ourselves that are not correctly adjusted to what we really need. So, how about this year we keep it simple? I’ve thought about this a lot and realized that truly good resolutions are similar to setting a certain mind frame. They are not a list of desired achievements per se but what will provide the right context for those achievements. I’ve narrowed them down to three, but feel free to add to the list 🙂

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Useful “resources” for entrepreneurs and startups

As an entrepreneur you are always in uncharted waters. And the sweet days when you didn’t care about legal, financial, HR or administrative issues are long gone. Founding a startup requires you to gain insight into any and every aspects concerning your business. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should master everything related to your business, but should definitely know your bearings and always ask questions, preferably from other highly skilled professionals in these areas. So, what are some useful resources that can help you when you’ve embarked on the entrepreneurial voyage?

Well, first of all, just a word of warning: I’m not going to share with you a long list of websites, tools or apps. You can get a ton of those just a Google search away, and you can easily browse to see which of them suite you and your business. No, I’m going to talk to you about some resources we easily overlook, or don’t even consider them resources per say.

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Some essential advice for startups I picked up from How to Web

How to Web is definitely one of those events you are not allowed to miss since it’s the biggest regional conference dedicated to entrepreneurship and web technology. Not to mention that if you’re a newbie startup-up looking to get your idea known, meet up with investors and mentors or win some serious cash prizes to fund your venture, you should definitely consider applying to the Startup Spotlight competition.

But, beyond that, How to Web is the perfect place to meet with some of the most successful entrepreneurs from around the globe, people that have founded startups and who developed products or services we all know and use. And what’s the even better part? They are there to give you advice, share their success stories, their secrets and what they have learnt from their failures. Needless to say, I spent the two days all eyes and ears. So here are some valuable tidbits about entrepreneurship from key speakers I’d like to share with you.

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The long winding road to building a successful business

Make no mistake, building a business is hard stuff 🙂 Take it from me and my partners who started out really small. Yes, we now have a powerful team of talented people and we are well positioned in the Romanian gaming market, but it took a lot of hard work and our journey is far from over. We are all aware that we still have a long way to go, because success is not something you just gain over night – you build, you mend, you adapt and you keep working on it.

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