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Take action and start chasing your dreams as no one else will do it for you!

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Techsylvania 2016

This year I’ll be speaking at the most interesting tech event in Romania, which by no accident is being held in the tech capital of our country, Cluj-Napoca. Getting on the list was a surprise to which I have to thank Vlad & Oana.

Remember, get your tickets ( not for me, as I’m the least interesting at the conference ) here: techsylvania.co


Take action and start chasing your dreams

I have never been one to wait for life to provide me with the right opportunities. For everything I have done so far, I’ve hustled and I have dived head first, I’ve made my mistakes but used them to get me closer to what I wanted. And what I wanted is today a success.

Together with my high school mate, I’ve setup what is now one of the largest indie gaming companies in Romania, Idea Studios, and went from being two young entrepreneurs with high hopes to now three ambitious shareholders owning three successful companies (Idea Studios, Transylgamia and Jellycs). Moreover, we are overseeing a team of over 50 talented game developers and monetization experts and over 500 games that are enjoyed by millions of users all over the world on a monthly basis.

I’ll be honest. It’s been a rough road, with many sacrifices and ups and downs. But, at the same time, there have been countless satisfactions, learning opportunities and I have met wonderful people along the way, people that have helped and inspired me. That is why I have chosen to share my experiences as best as I can in the lines that will be filling my new digital home.

But this blog comes with a warning: I won’t pretend I know everything and have the perfect advice for every situation. On the other hand, I have had the privilege of experiencing the trials and tribulations every entrepreneur goes through when starting a business and the challenges of growing it bit by bit to the point of making it successful. There is no universal recipe, and I will let you in on what resources I’ve used and what has helped me along the way in the hope that you might find some valuable tidbit that you can personalize and apply to your business.

As the popular saying goes, great things come to those who wait, BUT even greater things come to those who act. So whatever your idea is, whatever business you are developing, the moment for putting your plans into action and start chasing your dreams is now.

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