For the past 7 years the web gaming industry has seen its ups and downs and most of the times it had something to do with monetisation. Given that a lot of the mini gaming content is web based, most monetisation strategies involved using advertising to get the most out of every user. In these 7 years I’ve had the chance more than once to test a lot of systems, agencies, strategies, methods and schemes all related to online advertising.

Since we started IDEA Studios, one of my personal areas of interest was how to get more money out of our users using established systems and ad agencies. This meant getting into the digital advertising world and testing ad delivery systems like OpenX, Google DFP, BuySellAds, Webspectator, AdOcean and a few more I won’t mention for this post’s length sake in order to use the one that fitted our needs the most and here are my findings and tips when choosing a certain technology for delivering your digital advertising:

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